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Our clients have been kind enough to say a few things about our services to them. We sincerely appreciate that.


"After all the incredible work that these guys did for me, I don’t even look at them as my lawyers anymore. They’re my Guardian Angels!!! Every step of the way, they had my back. Most importantly, they were Honest about everything. From their expectations on the outcome of my case, (which they even exceeded) to the length of time the whole thing would take, they kept me totally informed. When I had questions, they answered them completely and quickly – Total Professionals. I feel like I can tell when someone is fighting hard for me, and that makes me believe that the attorneys at Mayerbock actually care about their clients. These guys are the real deal! I hope I don’t have any legal problems in my future, but sometimes it happens. And if it happens, I’m calling Mayerbock!"

- Alexander R.

"Patrick is always "going the extra mile" and is such a pleasure to work with. He assisted me when I was starting my own business. He helped to obtain the LLC license and create client contracts. Patrick answers all of my new business questions with great detail and in a timely manner. I highly recommend The Law Office of Patrick J Mayerbock to anyone seeking legal advice. I look forward to working with Patrick!"


- M. W., Chicago, IL

"My husband and I worked with Patrick on a recent residential real estate transaction, and we both recommend him without reservation.  He took our business very seriously and knew what he was doing.  He was also delightful to work with. Two thumbs up."

- Kristen R., Chicago, IL

"Patrick originally assisted me with a real estate closing deal back in 2012. After doing such a great job, we actually began talking about the other types of law that he was currently practicing. After a conversation about the services that he offers, he now handles all of my companies business needs as well. I have never worked with an attorney that takes his work more seriously then Patrick. He is regarded by my employee's as a member of the company, and he has enabled us to grow our business without worry. We are looking forward to working with Patrick for decades to come, and would recommend strongly to anyone looking for real estate or business services!!"


- Brian S., Chicago, IL



"I was introduced to Patrick by my realtor, Jean Marie Minton. I was having trouble with a tenant and he took the time to speak with me about my options.  Based on his advise, I was able to resolve the issues with the renters.  When I subsequently sold the unit, Patrick was on-top of everything.  He is a very good communicator, especially important to me since I don't live in Chicago anymore.  The process of remotely selling my condo was so much less stressful knowing that Patrick was on my team.  He's a good lawyer, and just a pleasure to work with."


- Susan S., South Barrington, VT



"We worked with Patrick recently on the sale of our condo, and purchase of our new place.  He made the whole process go much smoother than anticipated!!  The process was quick and flawless due to him.  His response time was almost immediate, which was important given the short time frame we were working with.  We highly recommend working with Patrick!"


- Ashley L., Chicago, IL

"Patrick was great to work with.  He was very responsive regardless of the time of day.  He took the time to explain everything, making sure that our best interests were kept in mind.  Thank you!"

-Jose R., Columbia, SC

"I really enjoyed working with Patrick to help close the sale of our first house.  I had never been through the process before, and Patrick was very patient and good at explaining what all the documentation meant as we went along.  We had to do a bit of negotiating on some of the final terms, and Patrick was a great help in guiding us through the process and offering up sound suggestions on how best to handle.  My wife and I were very happy with our experience with Patrick and would absolutely recommend him to any future home buyers. Thanks again and good luck with the little one Patrick!"


- Paul H., Chicago, IL

"I've worked with Patrick twice now in the past two months, and HIGHLY recommend him. I was first introduced to him through my real estate agent, Kevin Bigoness. I've worked with Patrick in selling my condo in August '15, and when I bought a new place in Oct '15. He is very thorough in what he does. He makes sure that all the documents, forms, and other paperwork is submitted on time, and reviewed in detail so you can close on time. He is quick to respond to your emails/texts/calls in a timely manner, answering all questions and/or reaching out to the correct people who can get them answered. Not only is Patrick very talented at what he does, but he also cares about you as a person and not only as a client!! (Which is rare in any business nowadays!)"

- Tom S., Chicago, IL



"Patrick is the attorney that represents the company I work for.  He has been a true savior in many circumstances and goes above and beyond.  I have worked with several attorneys previously, and I can say with 100% confidence that Patrick gives his all and is the best & easiest that I have ever worked with.  You are an idiot if you don't hire him to represent you."


- Samantha H., Chicago, IL



"Working with Patrick was flawless. He was so helpful and responsive. I would absolutely recommend him and will use his services again!"


- Bonnie R., Glenview, IL



"We worked with Patrick in purchasing our condo this year, and it was a wonderful experience. He was extremely responsive and gave us the updates that we needed to understand the process in the midst of many back and forth exchanges. We had a bit of a roadblock in dealing with the HOA for our condo association, and he was able to help successfully navigate that without difficulty and avoided further delays that may have pushed our closing back. On closing day, Patrick made it a priority to be with us and explain the necessary documents - he made it very easy to understand the mountains of paperwork we were signing, and explained it in non-legal terms that completely made sense. I would and already have recommended Patrick to friends and loved ones - we turned right around and sent him to my sister and brother-in-law who purchased a condo just a few months after us."

- Shannon M., Chicago, IL

"Patrick works with a variety of companies, from early-stage businesses to accomplished and established companies.  Growing up on the northwest side of Chicago, Patrick's blue-collar upbringing instilled in him a deep respect for America's working men and women.  Patrick believes that as the American middle class is the engine that drives the success of Chicago, all businesses should be afforded competent and diligent representation in the pursuit of justice."


- Cole Sadkin L., Chicago, IL

"I used Patrick for a legal matter as a defense attorney. It was my first time ever requiring this type of legal counsel. Patrick was professional, courteous, and incredibly understanding of my hectic schedule. I don't often post reviews on Yelp, but I would be remiss if I did not provide the public with a recommendation of this helpful gentleman.  I will, without a doubt, use the services of Patrick again."


- Guiseppe B., Elk Grove Village, IL

"I worked with Patrick in April on the closing of a property.  I found Patrick easy to contact
when questions arose.  Patrick explained the legal jargon in a very straight forward understandable way, and always had time to answer questions or address concerns.
I would highly recommend Patrick.  He possesses all the qualities of a knowledgeable
professional and his smile shows he enjoys his work. Thanks!"


- Patricia K., Park Ridge, IL

"My husband and I worked with Patrick when purchasing our first home this past October, and I'm so glad we did! Patrick explained every detail of our closing to us with full transparency, and in a way we understood. I would highly recommend Patrick, as he is extremely professional, punctual, organized, and an absolute expert in the field. THANK YOU, PATRICK!"


- Aubrey D., Chicago, IL



We represent and consult businesses on a wide variety of legal issues. 

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